Aberlemno Sculptured Stones

Aberlemno is home to a collection of Pictish sculptured stones
Aberlemno is home to a collection of Pictish sculptured stones

The village of Aberlemno is home to Pictish sculptured stones, inscribed with Pictish symbols depicting hunting and battles.

The collection of stones is considered to be among the best preserved Pictish symbol stones.

The stone on the northern roadside is engraved with a number of Pictish symbols, including a serpent, a double disc and Z-rod and a mirror and comb.

The rear face of the stone also has cup marks on its back.

The stone on the southern roadside, which is eroded, bears a curving symbol.

The cross slab on the roadside, is carved on both sides. One side of the stone is covered with a cross and has angles down the sides.

The other side of the stone, depicts a hunting scene along with symbols of a crescent and V-rod, a double disc and Z-rod and an image of King David fighting the lion.

The final stone, located in Aberlemno church yard, is considered to be one of the best examples of Pictish carving. The stone has a cross with entwined animals on one side, whist the rear of the stone depicts a battle scene.

The battle engraved on the stone is thought to be the Battle of Nechtansmere, which took place in 685AD.

The stones are covered from October to April to protect them against the winter weather.