Be aware of swine flu this winter

MONTROSE people are warned that there could be a surge in swine flu cases as people return to work and school following the Christmas holidays.

Experts fear that despite a global pandemic being declared last year, and most sufferers experiencing only mild symptoms, the pace of the disease’s transmission has not yet peaked this winter.

Schools provide an easy way for the virus to spread simply due to the large numbers of children present in one place.

There are a number of things that you might like to do to reduce the risk of catching swine flu. A poor diet and stress damage the immune system’s ability to fight off viruses. To protect yourself eat healthily and try to avoid, or at least cut down, on stress.

Regular hand-washing is essential, especially if commuting or if in contact with people suffering from colds and flu.

Flu is caused by viruses, which do not respond to antibiotics. If it eventually develops into a chest or ear infection, antibiotics might be used at that stage. If you’re feeling really unwell, bed rest is the best idea.

If you’re infectious it’s also best not go to work or school as this will only spread the infection.