Brownies celebrate 100

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Girlguiding Angus embarked on a cosmic Star Quest adventure to celebrate the 100th birthday of Brownies.

250 Brownies from around Angus came together at the County’s Outdoor Centre at Ladenford to mark The Big Brownie Birthday with a space-themed spectacular.

The celebration saw the young stargazers travel through three time zones ; the past, the present and the future - taking part in challenges and enjoying new and exciting adventures en-route.

The Star Quest story began with a telegram from Brownies in New Zealand looking for help as they had lost their sparkle and wanted Brownies from Angus to help find their stars.

They took part in activities based on Brownies in the past –trying on old uniforms, and badge-work activities such as knitting, polishing belts, badges and other brass items and they had a game of hopscotch.

For the present the girls played giant games, such as connect four and jenga, they completed a star trail in the woods where they had to find 26 stars to break a coded message.

They also took part in activities organised by Guide Dogs for the Blind. These included, pairing up, with one girl blind-folded using a cane, and the other helping her around obstacles. They also had to use their sense of touch to feel what was in a number of boxes.

Finally they journeyed to the future, where they went on some “Starships” with the help of the LimeLight Company.

Fiona Dalziel, County Commissioner for Girlguiding Angus said: “Seeing Brownies from all over Angus celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday has been fantastic! We have had a great year of celebrations, making life-long memories for our girls. Our outstanding team of dedicated volunteers have had a fabulous time. Girlguiding is as much fun for our leaders as it is for the 1,200 young people involved throughout Angus, where we empower girls and young women to make decisions about the opportunities they deserve, making sure their voices are at the heart of what we do.”

Girlguiding Angus would like more girls and adults to experience the opportunities that Guiding has to offer - there are vacancies for girls and adults in some areas. For information go to or e-mail