Down Memory Lane in Montrose

Rainbows at the Thinking Day service in Montrose in 2002
Rainbows at the Thinking Day service in Montrose in 2002

We take a look at what was making the headlines locally on this week in 1937 and 2002.

80 years ago: Death of a parrot - The many visitors who make Montrose their holiday centre will this year miss an old pet - the parrot in Dorward Place. Polly, who for the last 34 years has had his daily airing in front of his owner’s residence, died last week after a few days’ illness. His mannerisms and chatter, which had a most varied vocabulary, was always a source of delight and amusement to the young and even grown-up people while on their way to and from the Links.

Planning Doubt - Montrose Dean of Guild Court was scratching its head over a planning application to convert a bakery at 45 Castle Street into a house. Burgh Surveyor Mr Maxwell said the building was 8 feet 6 inches from the wall of the South Church; the difference ought to be equal to the height of the building. The application was deferred for a week for investigations to take place.

15 years ago: Wheelie bins left out on Montrose High Street overnight are providing missiles for vandals. At last week’s Montrose Community Council meeting Joan Stott asked if anything could be done to encourage businesses and householders to remove bins at night. Colin Stewart pointed out there is a bye-law which stipulates bins must be removed as soon as possible after being emptied.