Finavon Hill fort

Finavon Hill iron fort.
Finavon Hill iron fort.

Located a mile up from the B1934 road, is the Finavon Hill Iron Age fort, which dates back to the seventh century BC.

The fort was an elongated heavily vitrified timer-laced fort, which also housed a well inside.

The site was first excavated in 1933/4 by archaeologist, Vere Gordon Childe, which revealed that the fort’s walls were around 20 inches thick. Childe’s dig also uncovered a row of dwellings with hearths at the north wall. Artefacts found in the dig included flings, an iron ring, stone whorls and a thick jet ring.

Further investigations into the historic site in 1966 by Euan Wallace Mackie led to the dating of the fort.

The research revealed that the fort was used until the late fifth, or early fourth century before it was destroyed.