Hillside SWRI

THE HILLSIDE SWRI held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 2, in Hillside Hall with Ann Thomson presiding.

Speaker for the evening was Rick Moore from Tayside Fire and Rescue who gave a talk and slideshow on the dangers of fires in the home.

Rick reminded the ladies not to leave a pan unattended on the stove and said the biggest cause of death due to fire occurred in the living room where fumes from burning upholstery were deadly.

He also advised against tackling a chip pan fire with a fire blanket and recommended the owner leave the room and call the fire brigade instead.

Ann Thomson also proposed the vote of thanks.

Competition results: Home-made scone - 1, Jenny Yule. Salt and pepper pots - 1, Kathleen Moore; 2, Margaret Harrison; 3, Irene McKain. Flower of the month - Margaret Harrison.