In My View

I’M SURE everyone shares the same sense of relief at seeing the gradual disappearance of the ice and snow which has blanketed the county over the last few weeks.

While there are still a few stubborn patches clinging on in lowland areas which seem to be resisting everything except a direct onslaught with a blowtorch, by and large it has gone. I enjoy it, in moderation, as much as the next person but even I admit to being sick of the sight of it after a month of relentless deluges and sub-zero temperatures which perpetuated its presence.

While it had its much-publicised downside with major disruption to traffic and the transport network, school closures and effects on business and local authority budgets it did, in a small way, have one thing in its favour.

It seemed to engender a community spirit which many would say is lacking nowadays and the stories of groups or individuals acting for the good of their community filtered through all the bad news - the farmer in Dunblane who kept his town connected to the outside world after it was cut off by running supply trips with is tractor; or the supermarkets in Perth which stayed open all night to act as rest centres for motorists stranded on the A9. The list goes on and includes untold, smaller stories of people looking out for their neighbours in various small yet important ways.

It just goes to show that when the going gets tough, generosity on one’s own doorstep can shine through in unexpected ways. The trick is in keeping up the momentum.