Real ale challenge

ANGUS pubs have been challenged to take on award-winning bars across Scotland by supplying a wider selection of real ales.

The gauntlet has been thrown down by Alan Lawson, chairman of the Tayside Campaign for Real Ale. It follows the recent success of the Marine Hotel in Stonehaven which was named pub of the year for the Aberdeen, Grampian and Northern Isles branch of the organisation.

Bars and pubs in Angus have struggled to match the success of their counterparts in Perthshire and Dundee when it comes to the Tayside branch’s awards, with few offering a wide selection of real ales.

Mr Lawson has suggested the trend could be bucked with interest on the increase in pubs in Montrose and Arbroath.

He said: “Angus has not been the strongest of real ale areas in the past but there are more places that are starting to sell now.

“A few people are beginning to dip their toe in the water and the number of pubs selling real ale in the likes of Montrose has gone up from two to six inside the last year.

“It is really missionary work promoting real ale in these places and there is no reason why Angus can’t have a good real ale scene.”

The campaign promotes and preserves the real ale tradition and members visit pubs to judge their selection. Each region holds pub awards every year, with the most successful bars making it to organisation’s annual Good Beer Guide.