Thought for the Week

WHEN the Royal Family come up to Deeside in the autumn it is customary for some parish ministers to be invited to preach at Crathie Kirk and stay as guests at Balmoral Castle for the weekend.

A friend who had received such an unexpected honour, recently shared with some of us a most fascinating account of his experience as a guest of Her Majesty.

He was seated immediately next to Her Majesty the Queen and was one of number of guests who were dining at the castle on that occasion. It was noticed that he was unable to use his right arm to cut his meat. Nothing was said, but his plate was quietly whisked away and then returned with the meat diced up for him.

At the next meal, every gentleman seated around the table had his meat served, already diced up, on the plate. This very thoughtful gesture meant that my colleague would not feel in any way different from the rest. What a gracious and caring touch!

This makes me consider … if an earthly monarch can show such care and consideration, then how much more can the Heavenly King notice and care for those who are His?

Scripture assures us that God cares for each one of us; that He loves us with a love that will never let us go. In a world where everyone seems so busy with their own concerns, where people seem anonymous or mere numbers, how refreshing it is to be told that we matter, and that God does care. Do you remember singing the hymn

“God who made the earth, the air, the sky, the sea,

The day and night to pass, careth for me.

God, who made the sun, the moon, the stars, is He

Who, when life’s clouds come on, careth for me.”

A saint of the church once said: “ God cares for you as though there were nobody else to care for, and yet He cares for everyone as He cares for you!”

Rev John F. Anderson