Tributes to Montrose man

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A well-known and much-liked Montrose man has been given a fitting send off by the town’s footballing community, of which he was a big part.

Neil Taylor died earlier this month at the age of 56.

It is understood that between 800 and 1000 people attended Mr Taylor’s funeral and respects were paid at football matches throughout Montrose.

A minute’s applause was held at Links Park last weekend at the Montrose versus Arbroath derby, and a minute’s silence was observed at Montrose Roselea’s sportsman’s’ dinner; at the Welfare League matches and also by the Merpro. It is understood that a trophy will also be named in Mr Taylor’s honour by the Mearns Summer Football League which is restarting after a 10-year absence.

Mr Taylor’s brother, Eric, said: “All that was really good to see.

“It was a huge comfort to us. When we went to funeral director Emslie Collier’s originally, we thought there would be around 500 people.

“I think the figures 800-1000 were mentioned.

“I don’t think the town has seen the likes.”

The family wish to thank everyone who has supported them at this time and for their kind wishes. Eric added: “The nurses at Ward 11 were fantastic, and Neil’s consultant, Mr Kulli, was great. He said ‘Neil wasn’t a patient, he was a friend’. He was a really fantastic man.

“The staff at Emslie S. Collier & Sons were also fantastic.”

Mr Taylor was educated at Luthermuir Primary, Southesk Primary and Montrose Academy.

On leaving school at 16 he became a trainee butcher for WM Low’s and later worked at Macrow’s, ship chandler.

Mr Taylor became a trainee in 1979 with JM Piggins, now known as Rix Shipping (Scotland) Limited, and was a valued member of the team there for 37 years, becoming an expert in the field of woodpulp.

Outside of work he had a passion for football and was part of the Dockers team (JM Piggins) in the Welfare League.

He also played for Forfar Central in the Amateur League and, in the Summer League, he played for the Eskvale team coached by Allan Crowe, and later a team from St Cyrus. He was also a member of the Tartan Army.

Music and travel were other passions.

Mr Taylor is survived by his daughter, Denny, fiancé Susan McRobbie and his brother, Eric.