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The winner of the Lamb Medal for 2013 is Rebecca Codona, a pupil of Montrose Academy.

The competition was held on Saturday in the Scout hall, Queen Street, with one hour allowed to complete the work.

Group winners with the schools they attend were as follows.

Group 1

1, Mollie McGraw, Southesk; 2, Kendal Ryan, Borrowfield; 3, Maddie Munro, Rosemount.

Group 2

1, Auley McIntosh, Southesk; 2, Isla Sykes, Rosemount; 3, Orla McLeod, Ferryden.

Group 3

1, Rebecca Codona, Montrose Academy; 2, Morven McLeod, Ferryden; 3, Chloe Mitchell, Ferryden.


Lamb Medal winner Rebecca Codona is third from left. Picture Gable End Photography.