£1.7 million pledged to tackle county’s roads problems

Angus Council finance spokesman Councillor Mark Salmond.
Angus Council finance spokesman Councillor Mark Salmond.

AN INVESTMENT of £1.7 million towards dealing with the county’s pothole problem will tackle people’s top complaint, local councillor Mark Salmond has said.

Councillor Salmond, Angus Council’s finance spokesman, announced the funding allocation in his budget speech last week, with £1.5 million available for new investment to cut down on temporary pothole patching and focus on preventative and permanent maintenance.

In addition, £186,000 extra will be directed towards road sweeping and gully cleaning operations which will help to tackle the problem of surface water on the county’s roads.

Mr Salmond said the funding had been included to deal with what was the top complaint in a recent survey or the county’s residents.

He said: “Potholes are the number one issue with residents and came up strongly during Angus Council’s budget consultation.

“I decided we needed to take more focused approach to dealing with potholes and I have asked the director of infrastructure services to bring a report to committee outlining this new strategy.

“More frequent road sweeping will reduce the detritus that seeps into the road drains, causing gully overflow which endanger motorists and damages roads and the new gully emptier will help alleviate flooding and increase our cleaning capacity by 25 per cent.

“We need to look at every possible way of safeguarding our roads infrastructure and protecting road users.”

It is the second consecutive year that the council has channelled extra money into maintaining the road network.

Following the harsh winter of 2010/2011 the authority made a record investment, putting an extra £1.4 million into upkeep and development as well as to deal with the potholes and other weather-related problems. The council also allocated an extra £400,000 to winter maintenance bringing that budget up to a record £2.49 million.