14-year-olds with council votes?

The POSSIBILITY of 14-year-olds being eligible for membership of community councils was discussed at the recent meeting of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council.

Angus Council is looking to change its community council scheme, and this is one of the possibilities.

Up to five youngsters from 14 upwards could be co-opted in addition to the existing nine members, and they would have full voting rights, apart from co-option.

It was felt that this would require members to undergo Disclosure Scotland procedures, although a contrary view had been expressed by Angus Council’s law and administration department.

Whilst the youngsters would be taking part in a large meeting, rather than meeting community councillors on a one-to-one basis, it was pointed out that this is the case with Scouts, and leaders still need to be vetted.

Mrs Jean Stubbs felt that 14 was too young, and that the lower age limit should be the same as for voting at elections.

However, it was agreed that the community council would support the 14 limit if vetting was not required, but 16 if it was.