£2 million raised for Will Aid

Solicitors in the Montrose area have donated their professional time and skills for free to make a brilliant contribution to the Will Aid campaign - which has just celebrated its Silver Anniversary.

The solicitors who raised money were Scott Alexander on 46 High Street who raised £1,008 and T. Duncan & Co., situated on 192 High Street, who raised a total of £540.

These generous solicitors encouraged local people to take advantage of the charity will-making scheme to get a professional will drawn up, and invited them to make a donation to the nine Will Aid charities instead of paying them a fee. With Will Aid, everyone’s a winner – the charities also benefit enormously and local people have protected their families by getting a properly drawn up Will. Nationwide the scheme has raised over £2 million with 23,000 people making their Will.

The charities, ActionAid, Age UK, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children, Sightsavers, SCIAF (Scotland) and Trocaire (NI), will put the funds raised to good use working to improve the lives of people who need help most in the UK and all over the world.

For example, ActionAid has recently supplied vital water to Concille Niyongabire’s village in Burundi. Concille, (11), explained what this change means to her village: “Before we got clean water, we used to get all kinds of diseases – my whole family would get sick. We would obtain water from down in the valley. The water in the valley would have animals in it - black mud, earthworms and frogs. We would use the water for cooking, drinking and for washing ourselves. We did not have a choice. Now, thanks to ActionAid, we have tap water connected. Now we can drink water or use it for cooking and not get sick.”

Shirley Marsland, Will Aid campaign Manager, told the Review: “Will Aid has made such a real and positive difference to those in need of a hand up over the past 25 years. This would not have been achieved without the generous help of our enthusiastic solicitors and the clients they have helped to make a Will. I would like to thank all the solicitors and Will-makers in this area who took part. The participating charities are really grateful for the life- changing work this makes possible.”

The Will Aid scheme will run again in November and welcomes any solicitors in the local area who would like to take part. For more information about how to take part, please visit: www.willaid.org.uk or ‘phone 0300 0300 013.