£22,214 total from Ishbel’s fund-raisers

THE STUPENDOUS total of £22,214.45 has been raised for the MS Therapy Centre (Tayside) as a result of the efforts of Ishbel Weir, Greenbank Bed & Breakfast, Redfield Road.

Ishbel has been hugely impressed by the value of oxygen therapy for MS. The Tayside Centre, in Peddie Street, Dundee, which she attends, does fantastic work but could always do more with more funding - and this is where Ishbel came in.

She organised a golf AM-AM at Montrose Links in June, and as if one fund-raiser was not enough work, a masquerade ball at the Links Hotel later the same month.

Ishbel told us: “It has taken longer than expected to get all the auction money in from the masquerade ball, but the net total from that event is £6,045.

“The evening was a great success thanks in no small part to Willows Florists table centre pieces, the mask gallows from Occasions in Brechin, and the table dressings provided by Fairytale Designs.

“Joe Wishart was incredible as our auctioneer and without him the auction wouldn’t have been such a success.”

Ishbel then confided in us that before the events she would have settled for raising a grand total of £6,000!

She is also grateful to the Co-op for its contribution to the fund-raising.

Ishbel emphasised: “The amount raised for the MS Therapy Centre will be put to good use purchasing items such as new masks which cost in the region of £790 each. So far eight new masks have been purchased and fitted in the chamber, a hoist is on order and the remaining money will be put toward running costs such as compressor repairs which are essential and costly.”