25 years of Day Care Centre

MONTROSE Day Care Centre starts a week of 25th anniversary celebrations on Monday.

People in town, as well as past volunteers, can visit and be shown round the centre to see the photographic exhibition which includes newspaper articles depicting its history.

Mrs Irene Mitchell, centre manager, explained: “We are opening the Day Care Centre next week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 1.45 to 2.45pm each day for people in the town and further afield to be shown round and see the work we do.

“I would be particularly pleased for anyone who has volunteered or helped in the past to visit during the week, and they can see how the centre has changed.”

Mr Sandy Moncur, chairman of the directors, added: “We are very fortunate to have this superb facility in the town and also to have such a first class staff who make such a difference to the many people who use the centre. This open week will give the chance to people who have not been in the centre to see some of the facilities we have at our disposal.”