£3,000 windfall for local organisations

TWO LOCAL organisations are set to benefit from more than £3,000 in funding from Angus Council.

Montrose Events, which organises the Christmas High Street Extravaganza, and the 1st Hillside Scouts have been successful in their bids for cash from the council’s community grant scheme.

The extravaganza group has been awarded the full amount applied for - £791.96 - to buy Christmas-themed banners to promote the town during the festive season while the Scouts have also received their full amount of £2,350. That will fund new camping equipment which, as the group’s financial reserves are ring-fenced for a new scout hall, the scouts currently have to borrow.

In his report to Tuesday’s infrastructure services committee, director Eric Lowson recommended the full amounts for both organisations, with a condition attached to the Scout’s grant.

He said: “Banners are a relatively inexpensive form of advertisement. The grant is approved on the basis that the wording allows re-use of the banners in future years.

“Recommend approval on condition that the equipment is made available to similar groups and that the group is proactive in making the availability of the equipment known to others.”

Both applications were backed by local councillor David May. He said: “This community grant scheme has been very successful and makes a difference to many groups as this provides them with funding that they would otherwise not have access to.”