5,000 mile man stops in Montrose

A man who set of on a 5,000 mile cycle back in March, reached Montrose on Thursday (June 21) and stopped in by the Review office.

Malcolm McCarthy (39), better known as Swanny by friends and family, set of on March 3 on a trip that saw him put all of his possessions in storage and his new home in Fishguard, Wales, given up for nine months.

He hopes to raise £15,000 to be split between three charities close to his heart, the Ty Hafan Hospice, Children with Cancer and Cancer Research UK.

The only possessions Malcolm has with him on his journey is a bicycle and trailer, a tent,a gas stove, a solar powered mobile phone charger, bottles for water and a small pink tassel in memory of April Jones.

So far Malcolm has covered a total of 2,265 miles.

He said: “I have always had a burning desire to cycle around the coastline of Britain and really wanted to do it before I reached the age of 40.”

Malcolm, who describes himself as an artist, woodworker and gardener, will cycle around 50 miles a day for three days and then have a day off.

Malcolm has to be back home by December 3, his birthday, in order for his challenge to have been a success, and is hoping to complete the same challenge a further two times in the future.

He added: “My favourite number is three which is why I chose three charities, left on the third of the month, will be returning on the third of the month and why I am splitting the money three ways.”

“I have had a really great time so far and have met some interesting people along the way as well as very kind farmers who have let me pitch mty tent.”

To keep up to date with the challenge and to track his progress you can visit www.swantour.co.uk. You can also donate on the website..