A fine surprise for Montrose motorists

Motorists urged to observe parking restrictions.
Motorists urged to observe parking restrictions.

Montrose motorists were surprised to see a number of parking fines distributed by police to illegally-parked vehicles at the end of last week.

Mostly concentrated on the High Street at the Ball House car park, where there were at least eight fines spotted on cars parked for too long in the time sensitive parking spaces.

David May, Lib Dem Councillor who has been pushing for the enforcement of parking fines, said: “Since Police Scotland decided that traffic wardens would no longer be employed by them, Montrose has had major parking problems.

‘‘Bad parking, is an issue that I have regular complaints about, and recently several businesses have been touch with me about drivers parking in the High Street for most of the day leading to a loss of business for them as drivers cannot find a space.”

“I have been in touch with Police Scotland’s Angus Policing Unit and organised a site meeting with a sergeant and a local business owner, about parking issues. Following a local complaint about parking, officers recently were in action in Montrose High Street and fixed penalty notices were issued for parking offences. I hope that drivers will heed this call and realise the police are still taking action and issuing penalty notices.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland continue to receive complaints regarding indiscriminate and irresponsible parking and there are concerns that the manner in which some drivers choose to park prevents local businesses carrying out their work. Parking restrictions are there for a reason and officers will take positive enforcement action including issuing fixed penalty notices, if they are not complied with.

‘‘We would urge motorists to consider where they park and be mindful of other road users.”