A ‘Montrose House’ with a local history

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A REGULAR correspondent, Mr Chad Neighbor, recently told us of another Montrose - a house this time - in America.

It is owned by a Mr and Mrs Goodwin - so we contacted them to ask for a few details.

Mrs Nancy Goodwin kindly replied as follows: “How wonderful that the Montrose Review is interested in Montrose in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

“Governor and Mrs William Alexander Graham gave the property that name when they lived here between 1842 and 1862. My husband, Craufurd Goodwin, and the Grahams are both descended directly from the Marquis of Montrose.

“The ancestors of the Grahams migrated probably in the great migration of the 1740s.

“The 61-acre property remained in their family until they sold it to us in 1977.

“We bought it because we loved it at first sight and they sold it to us partly because we saw on their wall the same portrait of that my husband had seen in a little book written by his great-grand mother, the wife of the Bishop of Carlisle.”

At the time that we first made contact with Mrs Goodwin the weather in Montrose was rather poor and we commented that we envied her the sunshine. She replied: “Incidentally, I envy you your weather. I love cold, wet days!”