A wheely rather interesting find

Vicotrian cubby wheel
Vicotrian cubby wheel

One local man’s keen eye has led him on the trail to discover a variety of fascinating historical artefacts in the past few months.

Stevie Moore (45), from Montrose, has always had a passion for local history.

Items Stevie has unearthed on Montrose and Lunan beach have included a large wheel from a Victorian beach hut, possibly from as far back as the 1930s, animal bones and various other items from times gone by.

Stevie said: “Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for our history .

“Over the past few months I found all sorts of things on Montrose beach and also Lunan beach.

“I tend to walk down on the beach after a storm or high tide to see what has been uncovered due to coastal erosion.

“I have found a large wheel from a beach hut that might be Victorian, I was told they were still on the beach in the 1930s.

“The wheel was taken to the montrose museum.”

Stevie added: “Lunan is well known to all and with red castle there is a great place for walking, on my last trip there I went round the river trying to find a good angle of the castle when I stumbled upon animal bones from the castle that been washed on the beach after a high tide.

“The sea is washing away the side of the hill that the castle is located on and Castle Midden is starting to be revealed due to the coastal erosion.

“It has been put on the protection list by the National Trust for Scotland.”

Stevie is planning to continue on his quest for finding relics of a forgotten age and is looking forward to taking park in Scotland’s ‘Big Dig’ on the battle of Bannocburn’s 700th anniversary.

The dig is organised in order to find evidence of the battle.

At this year’s Big Dig Stevie and his friend Liam McMahon found a number of items, some dating back to the 1300s.