Abseil near Lunan Bay to boost children’s charity

The crumbling sandstone cliffs where the abseil took place.
The crumbling sandstone cliffs where the abseil took place.

A group of courageous Montrose charity fundraisers have amassed an amazing total for Save the Children.

The group chose Red Head cliffs between Lunan Bay and Auchmithie, which are the highest cliffs in Angus, to abseil down with the help of mountaineering group leader Martin Holland.

Ian McDougall, Irene Belfort, Olesya Smart and Kitty Keith were the four intrepid fundraisers to complete the 300ft descent. Ian said: “This was our first big try. There were going to be many more abseilers from Montrose and around but they all got scared.

“The cliffs are pretty terrifying and there were plenty of loose rocks to make things harder. We had to use a 100-metre rope but we managed.

“Last year we had a trial run here and now we want to make this an annual fund-raising event.”

The dramatic red sandstone cliffs are in the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Seaton Cliffs Reserve and in several places the sandstone has been eroded into unusual shapes, such as the Needle’s E’e, a natural arch, and the deep inlet of Dickmont’s Den.

The group has so far managed to raise just short of £1000 with more still to come in.

Ian, who lives in Stirling but spends a lot of his time in Montrose, is keen for other climbers to join their group to raise money for the Save the Children charity.

He even approached the Review team for volunteers, who were perhaps only mildly enthusiastic.

Anyone who feels they have what it takes to leap off a crumbling sandstone cliff attached only by a rope should contact Ian McDougall on 07803 577664.