Academy bids fond farewell to Mr Cuthill

rector John Cavanagh, Scott Cuthill holding a portfolio of his work and Depute Rector Bruce Pandrich
rector John Cavanagh, Scott Cuthill holding a portfolio of his work and Depute Rector Bruce Pandrich

After more than 25 years the final school bell has rang at Montrose Academy for long-standing geography teacher Scott Cuthill.

Mr Cuthill (59) has worked at the academy for 29 years and packed up his globe last Friday (October 4) as he retired.

He joined the school back in 1984, after completing his teacher training in Dundee, following a successful period playing as professional footballer for Nottingham Forest and Arbroath FC.

He worked with his principal teacher Alan Campbell to create a successful geography department and was promoted to principal teacher for the subject when Mr Campbell retired in 2001.

Mr Cuthill, of Letham Grange, said: “I have been privileged to devote my teaching and professional career to Montrose Academy and the generations of pupils I have taught. I cannot imagine a better place to teach.”

Dr John Cavanagh, Rector of Montrose Academy, said: “Mr Cuthill leaves the Academy after a long and distinguished career, marked by his commitment to excellence, as well as ensuring that pupils attained and achieved their full potential.

“He has been an exceptional, highly driven and motivating teacher, and his abilities were noted and acknowledged from the outset. He’s been very popular and respected by staff and pupils.

“Mr Cuthill has a passion and enthusiasm for his subject, which has been reflected in the range and richness of the courses he developed.”

While he has taught at the school, Montrose Academy’s geography department has won the Scottish Association of geography teachers prize twice for best portfolio and exam performance.

The head teacher added: “His willingness to support and encourage pupils, as well as his ability to motivate, have characterised his whole career.

“He has inspired many pupils at the academy both to achieve their best and to study geography at university.”

Mr Cuthill’s daughter, Fiona, is currently studying geography at Dundee University.

Avila Murray, whose son was taught by Mr Cuthill, said: “He has been one of the best and most influential teachers the academy has had in recent years.

“Mr Cuthill inspired several of his pupils over the years to go and study and take up geography at university, in further education, as well as in careers.

“My son, Benedict, is now his final year at Dundee University studying geography. He was inspired and influenced by his love of the subject, led by Mr Cuthill.”

She added that her daughter, Natalie, before choosing to study English, considered studying geography at university because of Mr Cuthill, and that one of Miss Murray’s friends gained a first class honours degree in Geography at Edinburgh University, thanks to his teaching

Dr Cavanagh concluded: “Mr Cuthill leaves with the profound gratitude of pupils and staff at the academy and our best wishes for the future and his retirement.”

Mr Cuthill will be enjoying his retirement by playing golf and gardening, as well taking the opportunity to spend more time with his wife Linda and daughter Fiona.