Academy prize list

DUX of Montrose Academy this year is Owen Connon. Owen won the Duke Medal for Maths and the GlaxoSmithKline Prize for Chemistry.

Proxime Accessit is Jimmy Walker, who won the Rotary Prize for English, the Barclay Bequest for Biology, the Montrose Academy Prize for French and the Montrose Review Prize for Creative Writing.

The senior prize winners are as follows: S3 sports champions Dee Welsh and Grant Whyte.

S3 Certificates: English and Art & Design Sophie Taylor; Drama Rebecca Tasker; Maths and Biology Jack Bain; History Aiden Pert; Modern Studies, German and Music, Naomi Cochrane; Georgraphy Fiona Cuthill.

Physics, Chemistry and Computing John MacDonald; Science Daniel Higgins; French and Business Management Jodi Wilson; Graphic Communication Kirileigh Fisher; Craft and Design and PE Campbell Bruce.

Technological Studies Euan Duff; Home Economics and Administration Michae;a Markowski; Art (Expressive) and Accounting and Finance Claire Rothnie; RME short course Hannah Stewart; Maths challenge Alasdair West; Speech maker Graceann Robertson.

Special Awards: Achievement Kirsty Walker and Cara MacKellar. Colours: Music Samantha Peters; Archery Hannah Stewart and Jamie Paton; Athletics Gregor MacLean and Paul Murray; Cricket Abbi Aitken; Football Gemma Collier; Effort and improvement in PE Connor Brown.

Senior sports champions: Emily Watson and Gregor MacLean.

S4 Prizes

English, History, German Speaking Matthew Robb; Maths and French Haig Cruickshank; History, Physics, Drama and RME John Thomson; Chemistry, Biology, French Speaking Gareth Strachan.

Science Scott Young; German and Music Ailsa Cairns; Computing and Georgraphy Robert Fisher; Graphic communication Callum Raffan; Craft and Design and Technology Andrew Reid; Home Economics Rebecca Matthew.

Expressive Art Simone Parker; Middle School Art & Design Douglas Wood; Accounts and Finance and Modern Studies Darcey Stewart; Administration and PE Gemma Riddell; Business Management Cara Navarro.

S5 Prizes

Geography Dhugal McQuistan; Physics Jamie Paton; Int 2 Biology Tamsin Glennie; Human Biology Cory Paton; French Keira Stephen; German Craig Smith; Computing Neil Scott; Graphic Communication Rory Findlater; Product Design Leigh Stephen; Technological Studies Callum Abbey.

Music John Cargill; Art and RME Samantha Horton; Health and Food Technology Marlies Nicholls; Operatic Society Prize for contribution to the musical life of the school and Edinburgh Angus Award for Advanced Higher Music Matthew Tomlinson.

Int 2 Business Management Emma Anderson; History and Administration Jodi Thomson; Accounting and Edinburgh Angus Award for Advance Higher Business Management, Craig Thomson; Business management Ross Pert.

Drama Camilla Barnett; Modern Studies Paula Murray; Physical Education Abbi Aitken; Int 2 Hospitality Hayley Dempster; Warrack Essay Prize Henry Wallbank; Willie Johnston Trophy for Media Studies: Martin Cheyne, Samantha Horton, Heather Robertson, Jade Titmuss, Crace Watson, Steven West, Charlie Wilkinson.

Advanced Higher awards: Alison Morris Memorial Prize for Biology, Barclay Bequest for Biology and Angus College Prize for Psychology, Ashley Smith; James Inglis Memorial Prize for English and Montrose Academy Prize for French, Emma Wood.

Ella Calcott Prize for Maths, Edinburgh Angus Award for Physics, Steven Blake; Dr George Howie Memorial Prize, Edinburgh Angus Award for Chemistry, Braebost Award for Geography, Kirsty Bell; Coutts Memorial Shield for Graphics, Caron Fleming; Kaims Players Award for Drama, Phillip Ryan.

Service Awards: House Captains: Dun: Euan Walker, Chris Smith, Caroline Heron and Roger Webster. Esk: Gemma McCallum, Leanne Smart, Phillip Ryan. Lunan: Marlies Nicholls, Paula Murray, Nikki Grant. Depute Head Boy and Girl, Ashley Smith and Matthew Tomlinson.

Alexander Awards: Staff Choice and Honorus Causa: Chris Simpson. Head Boy Craig Thomson. Head Girl Kirsty Bell.