Accordion and Fiddle Club

Montrose Accordion and Fiddle Club met at the usual venue of the Park Hotel for the May meeting which was another great evening.

First on stage was Arthur Wood on button box with resident keyboard player Ron Stewart.

Toes were soon tapping to some lively sets. Cora Nicol followed, accompanied by Ron on keyboard and her tutor Steven Carcary on second box with a nice set of waltzes.

Innes Kelly, one of Stevens’s pupils, was next on stage with a fine set nicely played. Alan Petrie on button box played a good couple of sets with Steven on second box. Moothie player Ally Rennie kept the music flowing and was closely followed by Jim Hood before the guest band came on stage.

The band line-up was Scott Band on lead accordions, (piano and button), Steven Carcary on second accordion, Gillian Ramsay on fiddle, Malcolm Ross on drums and Bill Ewan on keyboard. Scott had a great selection of tunes, some old, some new and some that you don’t hear so often which was very popular with the audience. A great line up of top quality musicians

After refreshments and raffle, all players gave a repeat performance with the inclusion of Ron Ramsay on e-pipes, before the special guest band took the stage for the remainder of the evening, bringing to a close another very enjoyable night.

The special guests for June are the Graeme Mitchell SDB and in July members will welcome the Leonard Brown Duo.