Action needed to tackle traffic problem

Cars backing up on to the High Street at lunchtime on Monday.
Cars backing up on to the High Street at lunchtime on Monday.

ACTION needs to be taken to deal with long-running traffic problems at the Ball House car park, a Montrose community councillor has said.

The High Street car park is popular with shoppers but is blocked regularly throughout the day, particularly at peak times, by drivers waiting for vacant parking spaces.

Tommy Stewart has said that queues of vehicles backing up on to the main street are having a knock-on effect, obstructing the free flow of traffic through the car park - which is actually classed as a public road - and blocking bus stops.

There have also been problems with vehicles entering the car park via its exit at the south end next to the Old Kirk and vehicles parking on yellow lines.

At Thursday’s Montrose Community Council meeting Mr Stewart also said he has taken up the issue with both Angus Council and Tayside Police.

He said: “I spoke to the police regarding this and that isn’t a car park, it’s a public road and Angus Council is telling me they won’t do anything or change the road markings unless the police say there is a problem and put forward a proposal.

“The last officer from the Road Policing Unit I spoke to said he was of the opinion that there wasn’t a problem.”

Mr Stewart added that although the car park is classed as a road it is not regarded as an urban clearway, meaning there is nothing to prevent drivers stopping there and he suggested a box junction might solve the problem.

Inspector Mark MacInally said that would be more likely to push traffic further along the High Street, but he would pursue the matter with the road policing unit. He also said officers would be able to take action on parking abuse.

Councillor Mark Salmond also said he has asked the council’s roads department to consider increasing the size of the entrance and exit signs and to provide appropriate road markings.