Action taken over Rossie Braes flooding

COUNCILLOR Mark Salmond quickly arranged a meeting with residents from Rossie Braes and Angus Council roads officials to discuss the way forward after last Saturday’s severe flooding.

He told the Review: “I drove down the Rossie Braes myself during the height of the downpour and upon reaching the Wildlife Visitor Centre the road was totally submerged. I immediately alerted the out-of-hours roads emergency team at Angus Council, who were on site quickly.”

The councillor continued: “I arranged a meeting on the Monday with the residents and roads officials to try and identify a permanent solution to the continual flooding in this area caused by run off from the fields during heavy downpours.”

One of the local residents, Ian Crabb was able to provide detailed local knowledge of the area’s drainage and this information will be invaluable to Roads Officers in helping them design some improvements to the drains and culverts.”

Councillor Salmond said: “This area has suffered severe flooding over the last decade and I have asked the officers to look at ways of draining the water away further up the Rossie Braes before it gets to the lowest point.

“One other low-cost but vital solution is to reinstate the ditch which runs parallel to the A92 at Rossie Braes and I have asked the roads officers to look at this as a matter of urgency.”