Advice for cat owners from local charity

MONTROSE and Brechin Cats Protection is dedicated to helping cat owners to act responsibly, and finding homes for cats which, through no fault of theirs, are homeless.

In the current economic climate more cats than ever before are finding their way into the care of rescue organisations such as Montrose and Brechin Cats’ Protection.

Some owners have lost their jobs and are no longer able to afford to keep their cats, or have had to move into accommodation where pets are not allowed.

Some abandoned cats have required hundreds of pounds of veterinary care to bring them back to health, and then receive weeks of dedicated nursing from dedicated volunteers to get them fully fit again.

And the branch operates a programme of assistance to have your cat(s) neutered.

One un-neutered cat can produce up to 18 kittens in a single year, and can see her own health dramatically reduced if she is not supported by a vet during her pregnancy.

Neutering also means cats are less likely to fight. It is a myth that a cat benefits from having one or more litters before being neutered. Research has shown that the long-term health of cats is enhanced by being neutered.

If you would like to help a cat in need, or would like assistance to have your own cat neutered, contact Montrose and Brechin Cats Protection on 0845 3712738 (free to BT landline) or contact the branch through its website: