African choir will inspire in church concert

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THE AFRICAN Children’s Choir will be the welcome visitors at Montrose Old and St Andrew’s Church on Saturday, September 29.

The concert will start at 7.30pm, and tickets are available from Hogg, newsagents, priced at adults £5 and children £3.

The choir members are all aged between seven and 11 years old, and come from Uganda and Kenya.

Gain a fuller understanding of Africa - with its pride, promise and its problems - as the children share with you the cultural heritage of their homeland.

With costumes and dances representing the different tribes from throughout Africa, the children demonstrate the beauty and dignity of Africa’s cultures and the joy and hopes of its people.

The children’s songs flow through eight different languages.

The programme also features some of the children’s favourite gospel stories and elements of rich story-telling and drama.

The children say: “Our countries are very beautiful but years of war and disease have made many people very poor.

“It is hard for our families to care for us and many of us cannot go to school because our families cannot afford to send us. Your support will help us, and thousands more children to get an education, so we can grow up and help others.”