Aldi plans to restrict parking at new Montrose store

The former Co-operative store
The former Co-operative store

Parking near Montrose Train Station could become increasingly more difficult than it already is once the new Aldi store is built.

The current Network Rail car park in Montrose, which is drastically too small for existing customers, is almost always full and has been supplemented by the parking spaces at the old Co-operative car park site.

Since the Co-operative shut its doors in August, on most days this vacant space is full of cars left for the day by rail passengers who have failed to find a parking space in the allocated car park.

Bill Duff, SNP councillor, said: “The station car park is mostly full by 7am most days, I usually have to park across in the Lower hall Street car park which is sometimes full too.”

A spokesperson for Aldi confirmed that the discount supermarket purchased the car park, as well as former Co-operative building on Basin View, and intends to bring in parking restrictions.

James Harbison said: “I can confirm that Aldi has bought the car park and is aware of the parking issues.

“Aldi will be reviewing this and intends to put parking control measures in place, although it is too early to say at the moment how these will work for the best interests of Aldi shoppers.”

David May, Lib Dem Councillor, said: “I don’t find it surprising that Aldi will bring in these controls.

“I am well aware that a lot of people have been using the Co-operative car park.

“Network Rail have to take into account the need to extend the car park.

“The ball is definitely in Network Rail’s court.

“It makes economic sense to provide at least temporary parking on the adjacent wasteland.”

When the Review approached Network Rail about the potential for developing the wasteland into more car parking spaces, they said the land in question was rig operational property and that there was an agreement in place to keep it available for future freight needs but that they were looking into the parking problem.