All fired up for Oathlaw Pottery’s exhibition

Maggie and Ian Kinnear of Oathlaw Pottery and Gallery, on the outskirts of Forfar, are making final preparation for their summer exhibition.

This year the show will feature work by Barbara Robertson, whose linoprints are renowned for their humour and their fine detail.

There will be etchings and paintings by John Johnstone, who depicts his own surreal view of human nature, as well as abstracts by William Philp, seascapes by Elaine Cunningham, intimate personal landscapes by Janet Melrose RSW, and also paintings by Ian Kinnear whose recent work includes paintings inspired by trips to Italy, as well as paintings reflecting on more local themes: a gallery line up for lovers of painting.

Ceramic enthusiasts will find their interests satisfied by a wide and diverse range of work including Iain Nelson’s large hand-built pots for both garden and conservatory, and the completely contrasting ceramic figures by Ludmilla Kosmina, each of which tells its own story.

Ludmilla is a ceramic artist, originally from the Ukraine, now based in Glasgow.

From the studio itself, Ian Kinnear’s large pitchers and serving dishes have a strong sculptural presence which puts them centre stage in any setting.

New ceramics in porcelain by Maggie Kinnear continue to develop the boat theme of recent work. Her boats and bowls in smoked and lustre raku also feature in this show, along with gallery ceramics in stoneware, both functional and decorative. A feast of ceramics!

During the first weekend of the exhibition, May 23 to 27 at Oathlaw Pottery Studio, raku firings will be ongoing throughout the weekend and visitors will be able to learn more about this exciting ancient firing process which has its roots in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, where pots are lifted hot from the kiln.

The summer exhibition will run from Thursday, May 23 to Saturday, June 8.

The opening times are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from May 23 to 27, and from May 28 to June 8 on Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Since opening in 1988, Oathlaw Pottery and Gallery has become known as the place to shop for contemporary Ceramics and Fine Art. Ian and Maggie Kinnear design and make a continually evolving range of ceramics available all year round.