Alternate view to environment agency’s of St Cyrus Travellers’ site to be presented to council

North Esk Park say the site did not flood during the December storms
North Esk Park say the site did not flood during the December storms

Planning consultants for a St Cyrus Travellers’ site will be presenting Aberdeenshire councillors with an alternative view of the park to that of an environment agency.

Residents at North Esk Park are awaiting a decision on their second bid for retrospective planning permission for their site which was built in autumn 2013.

The latest Aberdeenshire Council area committee planning meeting in March yielded no official decisions for the North Esk Travellers and the application has been referred to full council on April 28 when councillors will have a chance to air their views.

According to a neighbour close to the North Esk Park there was a unanimous feeling at the area committee meeting in March against retrospective planning permission, although no decision will be made until April 28.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) states the site is on a flood plain.

William Docherty, owner of North Esk Park, said “the tide was turning” as councillors previously against the retrospective plans had seemingly changed their minds and were questioning the validity of some of SEPA’s evidence.

Alan Seath, planning consultant for North Esk Park, said: “The opinion of the environment agency is contrary to the evidence the consultants have, some of which has already been submitted to the council. This demonstrates that the site did not flood during one of the worst storms to hit the north east of Scotland at the end of 2015.”

He added the consultancy team continues re-running the hydraulic model of the River North Esk to take account of information following the severe floods on December 30. A conclusion is expected early this month and when the Aberdeenshire full council meets this will be presented as an alternative to the SEPA view.