Ancestors so near!

LOCAL lady Irene Birse has been doing a bit of family research as part of her Discovery Over-50s Silver Award - she already has the Bronze.

She traced members of her father’s family from Ireland to Blantyre, Aberdeen and throughout Scotland - but was astonished to discover that a line of which she was unaware had settled in Montrose!

Not only that, but one of them had lived in Victoria Street at the same time as member of the ‘local’ strand of the family.

She wonders if anyone still living in town is descended from: James Reid Whyte, born 1890, died 1970; James Low, painter and decorator, married in 1912 who lived at 77 Bents Road and then at 37 Victoria Road; or his children Sophie, Charlie and Jennifer, all born in the next few years.

Irene told us: “I’d really love to see a photograph of my grandfather!”

You can contact Irene on 01674 671002, or care of the Montrose Review.