Angus Council want your feedback

Angus Council is still looking for feedback on the draft policy for managing unauthorised gypsy/traveller encampments.

Through the consultation process, which began on August 20 and runs until October 1, the local authority hopes to gather as many thoughts and opinions as possible from all communities – including the gypsy/traveller communities in Angus.

A spokesman said: “We want your views on the proposed policy and procedure. It is intended to help gypsies/travellers and the local community understand the roles and responsibilities of Angus Council in managing unauthorised encampments.

“We recognise the right of gypsies/travellers to practise a nomadic lifestyle, travelling and staying on short term sites. This document will balance this recognition with the needs of the settled community of Angus.”

The Managing Unauthorised Encampments of Gypsies Travellers - Policy and Procedure Final Draft August 2015 aims to give a clear direction of the policy of Angus Council regarding unauthorised encampments of gypsies/travellers in Angus and the procedures to be followed when responding to reports of encampments.

Anyone with comments or questions about the policy and procedure can contact Angus Council ACCESSline on 03452 777 778.

The full policy document is available on Have Your Say section of Angus Council’s website.