Angus director’s Trump films viewed by millions of Americans

Filmmakers took the decision to get the films out to as big an audience as possible through Facebook
Filmmakers took the decision to get the films out to as big an audience as possible through Facebook

A soaring number of Americans tuned in on Sunday night to a special live streaming of two films by a Montrose filmmaker that Donald Trump has battled to suppress.

The next President of the United States will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday) as either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

And Director Anthony Baxter, of Montrose Pictures, said official figures show that more than half a million potential voters tuned into watch one or both of his films - multi-award winning You’ve Been Trumped and the critically acclaimed You’ve Been Trumped Too - on Sunday night over the course of two Facebook Live events.

He added three million more were reached through Facebook shares, Twitter and other social media sites.

The director said Trump reacted “furiously” to the content of You’ve Been Trumped Too – threatening to sue cinemas showing the film – adding to previous “blistering” attacks on Twitter on both Anthony and local residents, branding them as “morons” on the social media site.

Following Trump’s legal threats, the filmmakers took the unprecedented decision to get the films out to as big an audience as possible through Facebook.

Anthony, who is currently touring Scotland’s cinemas with You’ve Been Trumped Too, took part in a “ground-breaking” Q&A live to Facebook viewers from Inverness on Sunday night.

He said thousands of viewers reacted with “fury” to revelations contained in the film, that 92-year-old Molly Forbes had been without a working water supply for five years.

Anthony said: “The response has been extraordinary.

“Since Trump threatened legal action over the new film, we’ve been able to get both films out to a much bigger audience on Facebook, than we would in the cinemas he’s threatened to sue.

“And we’ve been able to interact with viewers on social media across the world.

“Cher and Rosie O’Donnell are among those who have joined the conversation.

“But the film continues to be shown in Dundee and Aberdeen and other cinemas, for people who want to see it on the big screen.

“It’s obviously not for me to tell Americans how to vote, but I do think it’s crucial people going to the polls have all the facts at their fingertips before making a decision.

“I think You’ve Been Trumped Too is important because we get to see not just what Trump says - but what he does!”

Anthony added as Americans went to the polls this morning, some UK cinemas have planned special You’ve Been Trumped Too events in “defiance” of Trump’s threats.

For example, at Nottingham’s Broadway theatre a distinguished panel of political experts has been assembled to discuss the film following tonight’s screening.

They’ll also be hosting a presidential quiz as the first results come in.

You’ve Been Trumped Too continues to stream live at and on the film’s Facebook page.

The film is also playing at a growing list of cinemas despite Trump’s legal threats.

Among those showing the film are London’s Picturehouse Central, the GFT Glasgow , the Eden Court in Inverness, St Andrew’s New Picturehouse, the MacRobert Centre Stirling, the Dundee DCA, Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse and Edinburgh’s Filmhouse.

The film has also been playing in theatres in the United States and Canada.