Angus MSP welcomes commitment to tackling littering from vehicles

Graeme Dey MSP
Graeme Dey MSP

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey has welcomed a commitment from the Cabinet Secretary for the environment that steps will be taken to make it easier to enforce the legislation pertaining to littering from vehicles.

Whilst littering is an offence, it can be difficult to identify who has committed the act when someone has littered from a moving vehicle.

The Scottish Government’s littering strategy focuses on influencing people’s behaviours through better information, improved facilities and services, and strengthening the deterrent effect of enforcement.

Responding to Mr Dey raising the issue of littering from vehicles with her, Cabinet Secretary, Roseanna Cunningham, revealed that the Scottish Government intends to remove barriers in relation to the enforcement of the law pertaining to this matter.

This work will be undertaken in conjunction with the Crown Office, Police Scotland and councils.

Mr Dey said: “Whether it is in our towns or in the countryside, littering is not acceptable.

“I welcome the Scottish Government’s commitment to make it easier for the authorities to act if they suspect that littering has taken place from a moving vehicle.”