Appeal after OAP robbed

A LOCAL woman aged 89 was robbed in her own home after thieves conned their way into her house.

The incident happened in Cairnwell Crescent last Wednesday afternoon.

At around 3.30pm a man called at Janet Bateman’s home and told her that he needed water for his car. While he was in the house an accomplice sneaked in to the property and stole two handbags, a navy shoulder bag and a tan leather shoulder bag, from Mrs Bateman’s bedroom.

One of the men is described as being 5ft 4in, in his mid-30s and with fair hair. At the time he was wearing a beige coloured jacket, denim jeans, and was carrying a green petrol can.

The second man is believed to be around 5ft 10in and was wearing a navy blue woollen tammy and black boots.

There was a subsequent distraction theft in Dundee, last Thursday, which police believe to be connected.

A Tayside Police spokeswoman warned: “All bogus callers have one aim – to get inside your home by duping you into believing they need help or assistance. Once they are in, they will distract you enough to allow their accomplice or accomplices to sneak in and steal property.

“Sadly, criminals will target those who they think are the most vulnerable in order to steal.

“No matter how plausible the person may appear, the message is simple - treat strangers with caution. If you are still unsure contact us immediately.”

Anyone who can identify either of the men can contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.