Appeal to dog owners

A LOCAL jogger has appealed to dog owners to keep their pets under control in public to help ensure public spaces can be enjoyed by all.

The man, who asked not to be named, made his comments after a recent story in the Review about an attack on a dog at Montrose beach.

The incident happened on April 5 when the dog was kicked and its owner subjected to a violent verbal attack while walking near the golf courses.

The dog required painkillers for the “substantial” blow to its side and its owner said she thought the male assailant “hated dogs, and the people with them.”

But the jogger said that, while he condemned the attack, some dog owners can be guilty of failing to keep their pets under proper control.

He said: “I’m a walker and a runner and I’ve had numerous encounters with dogs at the area along the beach and at Kinnaber.

“Some people just seem to be unwilling or unable to control them.

“Some dogs just run up with their tails wagging but there are others that run and chase and I’ve been nipped on the legs before.

“People do try to shout their dogs back but sometimes they just do what they want.

“The police say you have a right not to be approached by a dog if you don’t want to be but that’s not often adhered to.

“It’s a difficult thing. People are exercising their freedom to walk their dogs which is fine, but incidents happen frequently so I can understand a situation where someone over-reacts.”