Artists engage with local community

THE latest exhibition at the Bank Street Gallery, Kirriemuir combines the stunning work of two local, distinctive artists.

If you grew up in the Kirriemuir area and are under 25, you will already be aware of Maureen Crosbie and Katy Colvin.

Crosbie is a peripatetic art teacher in local primary schools. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, she moved to Kirriemuir in 1990 and immediately made her mark in the town through the children she taught. Her buoyant personality ensures an engagement which many young students probably didn’t even anticipate of themselves! The key to her success is undoubtedly her excitement for all things creative. But with her young following, she provides herself a convincing platform through her prolific stained glass creations. Influenced by the community and world around her, her work reveals a zeal for her Scottish heritage and a limitless energy. Here she focuses her curiosity on the old town itself – from the Picts to Bon Scott! Katy is also known to many. She trained (in illustration and graphic design) in Edinburgh but having spent much of her life abroad, moved to Kirriemuir in 2004. She set up Kirriemuir’s first ever tattoo parlour almost the moment she arrived and her success is directly attributable to the quality of her art. A pop artist of the finest kind, she too is significantly influenced by her immediate surroundings and is closely attuned to the beat of her clientele. In this exhibition, Katy pursues an exploration of eigengrau, the flat grey (sometimes known as dark light or brain gray) perceived by the eye in perfect darkness. The exhibition runs until August 3.