Ash raised the roof at Montrose Town Hall

Ash launched their summer-long UK tour and new album in Montrose as they headlined this year’s MoFest.

Lead singer Tim Wheeler explained the new album, ‘Kablamo’, still has the classic Ash sound.

Ash on stage in Montrose

Ash on stage in Montrose

He said: “We were trying to make it sound like us but we’ve been away from albums and we’re coming back to it now and thinking a lot about what our best loves were.

“We were focusing on the sounds of ‘1977’ and ‘Free All Angels’.

“I guess there is a little bit of ‘Meltdown’ in there too.”

The band said sonically ‘Kablamo’ is like ‘Meltdown’ with song writing similar to ‘Free All Angels’.

“We’ve tried to get some real vintage Ash in there,” added Tim.

Rick commented: “We’ve built up to this moment since we finished the record. We’ve been itching to play the new stuff.”

The band formed in Downpatrick in 1992 and said say they are all still firm friends

“We had a lot of our ups and downs early on that toughened us up at a real young age and we started the band as friends,” said Tim.

“We were so young and the three of us have always been on a crazy adventure together,” added Rick.

“We didn’t expect to end up at Montrose on a Friday night. Anything can happen,” said Tim.

The band said they still felt they had something musically to say with the new album.

Tim explained: “We did stay off albums for a quite a long time.

“We put out 26 singles in one year and then really did the extreme opposite, but I think that gave us time to fall back in love with making albums again.”

The music scene has changed since Ash last released an album with online downloads and social media, but the band say this has given them new ways to interact with their fans.

Tim said: “There’s not quite the same anticipation when albums come out as there used to be. Sometimes bands realise their albums with absolutely no notice.

“We’ve definitely got great ways of instantly connecting now with fans with social media.

“The day we announced the album we put out the first track on the album before we’d even finished the rest of the record. That was really nice to see that that went down really well.”

Rick said: “The measure of success for a new band starting out is if you release a single and it does well you get to record the album.”

The tunes from ‘Kablamo’ went down well with the audience at Montrose Town Hall, who got on their feet to both old and new songs.

After their long set, the crowd cheered for an encore, and Ash came back on stage to perform another three songs.

They finished the night with their well-known hit ‘Burn Baby Burn’ and brought the house down at the town hall as the crowd sung and danced a long.

After their concert at the town hall, the trio headed to Sharky’s Bar, on George Street, as drummer Rick played a set with his second band Thirteen Seven, who are based in Edinburgh.

Lead singer Tim Wheeler seemed happy watching his friend play while mingling and taking photos with fans in the pub.

The band told the Review they had eaten in local restaurant Roo’s Leap before taking to the stage at Montrose Town Hall. Drummer Rick said he had eaten a onion ring that could fit on his wrist.