Assisting the disabled on public transport

Disabled people seek equal access to public transport in order to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air and everything that Scotland has to offer.

In many cases their journey is not possible or as comfortable or pleasant as it might be due to the spaces and seating provided for people with disabilities being occupied by other non-disabled passengers.

Chairperson of the Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance (SATA) Douglas Gilroy told the Review: “It is important that other passengers recognise that there is a large number of people with disabilities that need reassurance so that they are able to travel reliably on public transport.

“Some people with disabilities, such as vision impairment; limited mobility, including those using mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and strollers, are unable to use other seats on buses and trains due to the limited space that is available.

“I would like to remind passengers to think about how they might be able to assist people with disabilities whilst travelling.”