Attempting to beat the record

The LimeLight Company is Arbroath’s first and only musical Theatre school for kids aged from four to 18.

To end their first year members are attempting to break the Guinness World Record Fastest theatrical show in 22 hours!

They plan to open their doors to the Angus and Dundee community, and make this event a major event for Angus.

The Limelight Company & Friends are attempting the Guinness World Record ‘Faster Theatrical Production’!

The record is currently 23 and a half hours!

They are looking for anyone over the age of 16 years old who wishes to take part and perform or help in this exciting event.

All those interested are invited to go along on Friday, March 2 to The Webster Memorial Theatre at 6pm to register and be measured for costumes.

At 8 pm the adjudicator will present the production team with six envelopes, each containing a potential musical.

The production team will select just one of these envelopes revealing what the task will be.

From then on it’s all hands on deck! The time in production includes auditions, casting, rehearsals, publicity design, rigging, set design and construction, painting, locating props, costuming and ticket sales - all in one night!

On Saturday March 3 at 7 pm, the curtain rises to the waiting audience!

This promises to be a unique performance. What will the musical be?

Nobody knows until the day.

One thing will be sure this performance will be fresh and exciting.