Award for Angus fire fighter

Bryan Cuthill
Bryan Cuthill

An Angus fire fighter has been named as a recipient of the Queen’s Fire Service Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2016

Bryan Cuthill, watch manager for Scottish Fire and Rescue Service at the Brechin station, is now in his 38th year of retained service with SFRS.

As a resident of Brechin, Bryan was aware the town needed people to offer their time and commitment to provide a local fire service. While already working as a qualified plumber, he joined what was then Tayside Fire Brigade in December 1978. He remained a very enthusiastic and dedicated member at Brechin throughout his time in the service.

Bryan served as a firefighter for nine years, before he was appointed as Leading Fire-fighter in 1987. He went on to be appointed as a Sub Officer in 1989 and finally as Station Officer of Brechin 1995. In 2006 he became the Watch Manager. Bryan worked hard to ensure the equipment and facilities provided to Brechin were maintained to the highest standard. His dedication and drive has ensured that the training and professionalism of the crew has been second-to-none.

Bryan fully embraced the change from a reactive service to a proactive service, working extremely hard to ensure as many households as possible in the Brechin, Edzell and surrounding areas had a home fire-safety visit. Bryan conducts many visits personally, provides advice on how to avoid fires in the home, fits smoke detectors, and ensures occupants have a fire escape plan. Bryan regularly liaises with social workers to discuss referrals and makes sure that any information gathered is shared with the relevant partnership group. He always goes above and beyond the duty of a fire fighter to ensure that the risks within his area are reduced, and often makes no claim for any payment or reward for his time and effort. He is a truly remarkable individual that puts the needs of others before his own.

Throughout his time in the service, he has been called to attend numerous and varied incidents, from fires, road traffic collisions, flooding, and moorland fires and more. Being a local, he has on occasion been in the unfortunate position of having to deal with the aftermath of an incident involving people he has known. Bryan has always conducted himself with a level head and calm authority.

Bryan has made himself available to the Fire Service and the local and wider community as much as possible for almost 38 years. He has been willing and able to undertake the potentially hazardous and arduous duties of a firefighter, regardless of the impact on his life.