Award for Arbroath detective

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An Arbroath detective has won a top honour for her outstanding achievements at the Police Scotland College at Tulliallan.

Detective Constable Gail Hill has been presented with The Ross Hunt Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Detective Trainee of the Year.

This is the second year the award has been presented and on both occasion’s it’s been awarded to a woman. Gail currently works at the Public Protection Unit in Arbroath, having previously spent two years on the beat in Montrose and as a Community Officer in Arbroath. Gail joined the police in 2000 at the age of 35 and has three children. The award presented to Gail comes as Police Scotland celebrates 100 years of women in policing. Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick said: “The opportunities available to women have changed dramatically over the past century – there is now no role or rank in Police Scotland which a woman cannot attain. We are really delighted, as a Force, to celebrate the impact women have made on policing in the past and continue to make now, as this award to DC Gail Hill so clearly demonstrates.”

The trophy is in memory of Detective Sergeant William Ross Hunt, who was murdered in 1983 on duty, as he was trying to detain a teenager in Larkhall. Ross was just three months from completing 30 years’ service when he was killed. This award reflects the dedication of the CID and the work done by police in Scotland.

Detective Chief Inspector John Wyllie, Head of Crime Training for Police Scotland said: “It is a great honour and privilege to work with the family of Ross Hunt to keep his memory alive in the form of a trophy to mark the outstanding Detective trainee of the year.

Ross Hunt’s dedication to duty and selflessness is an example to all aspiring to be Detectives within Police Scotland. Detective trainee of the year, Detective Constable Gail Hill, is a credit to the community that she serves. Gail’s achievements are indicative of the quality of people trained and deployed all over Scotland to keep our communities safe, building upon the legacy of Detective Sergeant Ross Hunt.”

Gail said: “I was absolutely honoured to be linked in this way with the memory of DS Hunt and was surprised and delighted to receive the Ross Hunt Memorial Trophy.”