Award for St Margaret’s


HAVING recently achieved a Silver Award in the Eco-Schools programme in recognition of their eco-friendly efforts, pupils at St Margaret’s Primary School are keen to keep composting where possible rather than filling up their bins.

This year the composting challenge is being taken up by pupils in the eco-committee to help keep green issues to the fore.

Mrs McCluskey of St Margaret’s said :“Teaching our children about environmental issues and what we can all do to make a difference such as composting is really important. The nutrients in green waste are not used if they go to landfill but can be very useful if composted.

“We are also pleased to have Cal Gowdy from Brechin Castle Centre talk to the class on composting and we know where to ask for any expert help.”

Cal has a wealth of experience in the horticulture industry, he has also studied biology and environmental science. He said: “Garden centres are well placed to help and advise on green issues. Horticulture is basically a cycle of nutrients and carbon, sustainability is key to our future and Brechin Castle Centre is delighted to help our local community achieve environmental targets by using horticulture as part of their strategy.”

r Our picture shows members of the eco-committee with a compost bin.