beginning of the end for ‘legal high’ shop in Montrose?

Evape-O-Lution shop on Montrose High Street the damaged window is pictured.
Evape-O-Lution shop on Montrose High Street the damaged window is pictured.

The so-called ‘legal high’ shop in Montrose High Street was the subject of another break-in at the weekend. This is the second burglary at the premises in as many weeks.

The large plate glass window of Evap-o-lution was left with a hole in it, about two feet in diameter. And the front door was burst open.

It is believed that a quantity of e-cigarettes was stolen.

Soon after the break-in, Police said a man was due to appear in Forfar Sheriff Court in connection with the incident.

And on Monday Reece Walters (19), appeared from custody at Forfar and admitted breaking in to the shop and stealing a quantity of cigarettes.

It was said in court that Walters is addicted to harmful substances which are on sale at the shop.

A witness told the court that Walters had been seen kicking the glass door of the shop, walking away, then returning and kicking the glass until it broke.

The charge was that Walters had stolen £39 worth of goods, and caused damage to the door totalling £139.

Sentence on Walters was deferred until March 19 for reports, and he was remanded in custody. Sheriff Pino Di Emidio said he had no alternative to remanding Walters, as no bail address had been tendered to the Court.

A major campaign against such shops has been mounted, Angus-wide, and several have closed.

Observers say it would be ironic if the Montrose legal high shop was forced to close its doors because of the illegal actions of those who might be its customers.