Bells will celebrate Olympics

THE REV. Linda Broadley, Dun and Hillside Church, tells us that church bells will be ringing out all over Britain tomorrow (Friday), at 12 minutes past 8 in the morning to celebrate the beginning of the 2012 Olympics.

She continued: “Churches all over the land will be ringing their bells for three minutes just to remind folk that it’s a great occasion in our nation to be hosting the games, and the Churches want to join in the opening celebrations by making a joyful noise.

“Long ago church bells used to ring if there was some sort of local disaster and people knew to gather at the church to find out what had happened and if they were needed to help.

“But this time - don’t panic! No disaster, just reminding people that the greatest games in the world are being held in Britain this year and we are all supporting and looking forward to a few weeks of world-class sport, whether people are attending personally or watching the best of it all on TV.”

Mrs Broadley concluded with the hope that as many as possible of the churches in and around Montrose will ring their bells for the three minutes.