Bervie Braes

A ROAD familiar to many Montrose drivers looks set to re-open over the summer.

The Bervie Braes road between Stonehaven and Dunnottar Castle will open from April to October with a weight limit of three tonnes, a 20mph speed limit and a one-way system running from Dunnottar Castle into Stonehaven. Barriers will also be installed as an added safety measure.

Further work will be carried out after the road closes again in October.

The road has been closed to vehicles for safety reasons following a major landslip in 2009. There followed a £3 million programme of stabilisation works, ranging from a £1.9 million earthworks re-grading scheme to retaining the road closure on a permanent basis, at a cost of £50,000.

The reopening during the ‘summer’ period is when rainfall is likely to be at its lowest. When the road is open, a system will be put in place to trigger the closure of the road should there be concerns about the stability of the slope in the event of particularly heavy rainfall.

Aberdeenshire Council say that over approximately the last 12 months there have been eight landslips, of varying sizes, on the upper slope of Bervie Braes. While none have caused significant amounts of debris to flow onto the road, they do confirm the instability of the upper slope.