Better be swift for gift

Give a swift a home this Christmas.
Give a swift a home this Christmas.

How about helping Kirriemuir’s swifts by giving them a Christmas present?

Tayside Swifts has a number of swift nestboxes to give away to householders, business owners and community groups to help your swifts as part of the Kirriemuir Swift Conservation Project.

And they will even help put it up with a cherrypicker!

Swift numbers have dropped by 60 per cent over the past 15 years in Scotland, with one of the main reasons being loss of nest sites. Swifts nest in little gaps in stonework and as old buildings are refurbished or demolished, many swift nest sites can be lost.

What a Christmas present it would be if a new couple had a choice of lovely, new nestboxes to breed in?

For more info and to reserve your own nestbox, please contact Daniele Muir of Tayside Swifts at