Beware the ice

ANGUS Council’s ranger service has issued a seasonal reminder about the dangers posed by frozen lochs, ponds and rivers.

Already a rescue operation had to be launched at Crombie Country Park after a dog fell through ice on the loch and became trapped.

Thanks to the quick thinking of one of the rangers, who was able to reach the dog using specialist equipment, a tragedy was averted.

With sub-zero temperatures common at this time of year, a warning has been issued to members of the public not to venture onto iced-over ponds, lochs and streams and to keep their pets under control, preferably on a lead.

Even in severe winter weather, the ice is rarely thick enough to safely support a person’s weight.

Signs have been erected at country parks warning of the dangers of ice and advising that dogs should be on leads.

A ranger service spokesman said: “Ice on lochs and ponds may look safe, but venturing out on them could be potentially fatal. The water is deep and cold enough to cause serious injury or even the death of anyone who falls in.

“Parents should make sure their children are aware of this vital safety message, and to keep dogs under control.”